Stop Sexual Harassment 

Stop Sexual Harassment 

I’ve been sexually harassed, and I don’t know one woman who hasn’t been. After a brief conversation with a close male friend, he didn’t even realize that certain behaviors can be deemed as crossing the line. So why is it that ‘no means yes?’ Or ‘no means I do want you to keep going?’ Or ‘no means after 30 minutes of you making me uncomfortable I’ll finally just give in?’
Some men seem to think that after an intense battle for the panties the reward is greater…I can’t necessarily say (last I checked I am NOT a man) but it’s crazy that we live in a society where rape culture is acceptable. We’ve elected a man who grabs women by the pussy, we glorify infidelity (typically when it’s done by a man) and we celebrate music that oversexualizes women and makes the youth desensitized to the level of disrespect we endure. 

From ex-boyfriends who I’ve had to literally KICK off of me to unwarranted uncomfortable attention along with so many other disrespectful behaviors…I’m emotionally spent. 

Let me say this: no means no! If she wants you, you’ll know. It doesn’t matter what she wears, how enebriated she is, if you had sex with her BEFORE, nothing matters if a woman tells you no. 

20 thoughts on “Stop Sexual Harassment 

  1. I love this post! I’ve been sexually harassed before as well. It’s definitely not a good feeling. I don’t understand why some males think it is okay. I also agree that some of the music that is out represents women in a very derogatory way.

  2. Say it for those in the back! No means no! Don’t press me when I say no because I won’t give in. All of this is a heart problem.

  3. You look gorgeous! This was very insightful. It’s so unfortunate how many woman have been sexually harassed at one point in time in their life, but just like you said NO MEANS NO! These men need to understand it!

  4. Truth! No means no. It’s something that this topic is all over the headlines when someone of power does it, but when the average Joe does it, it’s overlooked.

  5. I have to agree with you, no means no. Unfortunately, we do live in a society, that sometimes believe otherwise and one that we have to continue to express our feelings towards. Shout out to you for bringing attention to NO MEANS NO!

  6. I hate when people associate the way a woman dresses, to the fact that she deserved it or not! Like what does that even mean? What we need to do, is educate our boys about the importance of what “no” means!

    1. This!! I had a full blown debate about accountability and victim shaming so sad that even women can’t see the ignorance!

  7. Such a powerful post. I think you hit the nail on the head in the beginning when you mentioned that some men don’t even realize their actions are considered sexual harassment. That’s where the problem begins. Men need to be held accountable for their actions and understand what is crossing the line.

  8. Men don’t own up to the cat calling and verbal disrespect. All these years later we still live in a male dominated world. It doesn’t help when the POTUS encourages such behavior.

  9. 1000000% agree! Society is becoming very quick to accuse men rather than the woman these days and I’m glad for that, but the root cause lies much deeper, it’s founded in how we think and teach our children to think. There is so much more work to be done. No means no is true, but until men see us as equals they will continue to believe that our ‘no’ is up for debate or interpretation.

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