The Last Fifteen Pounds

The Last Fifteen Pounds

Hey you guys! Today’s post is so exciting for me because…well it’s a success story. Growing up I was always the skinny girl who could get away with eating everything, and suddenly during my mid-twenties that metabolism ran away. But here’s the thing…I never was what anybody else would consider “over-weight” or “fat”.

My weight loss journey is one where that 5 to 10 pounds turned into 20 or 30. I wasn’t able to wear my old clothes and my gut was the largest part of my body. (That and my butt). I knew it was a problem when my dad said something (GASP!) Yes my dad, delivered the message via my mom about my weight gain.

Ok, so rewind to a year and three months ago. I was 140 pounds, which for me at 4’10 is over weight. The healthy weight for my height is around 110 lbs (so close). The double chin, the round gut, the rubbing thighs, yo, it was all new to me…aside from being pregnant. Enough of the banter..WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?

  1. I joined an Instagram weight loss challenge. Coach Hope developed a month’s long healthy lifestyle challenge that forced us to look at our bodies weekly. The challenge included a menu with clean eating recipes, a workout regimen, and a group of ladies to talk with daily. It was super cheap (about 20 or 30 bucks), and for me when I spend any type of money it’s just motivation. Everything was online! I never had to go to the gym and the recipes were rather simple: zucchini zoodles, sweet potato fries and turkey burgers, and a plethora of other delicious things to eat. The workout’s increased in intensity as the month went along. This set the tone.
  2. Stay away from the scale. I lost the most weight when I didn’t look at it. I just so happened to notice the way certain clothes were fitting my body and I got on the scale and VOILA…whoa! A dramatic drop 🙂
  3. Smoothie Detox. I did this more than anything. Two weeks at a time I’d have only two smoothies and one meal. My meal would consist of a protein, and loads and loads of veggies. I got so used to this that smoothies are now a regular part of my diet.
  4. Work Work Work Work Work. After quitting my job I would go running around my local stadium, not just around, up and down the stairs, with strength workouts at each landing. Some of my favorite workouts are simple moves like froggers, planks, squat jumps, and butterfly kicks. I would switch up my cardio with things like riding a bike, taking walks with my bestie Jenn or getting on the treadmill.
  5. I made lifestyle changes. In the last two months or so as I transitioned to vegan my body changed. I noticed areas where I struggled to lose weight it began to melt away. The way to get rid of your gut is via your diet. The heavy dairy and meat diet I was having was making my mid section super heavy.

These were the five tips that I stuck by for the last year that made my waist shrink. Scroll down to take a look at my before and after photos.

Before…I am not ashamed. Laugh.



Everyone’s journey will be different. Mine was long and all about consistency. Share any tips or tricks that you have below!!

28 thoughts on “The Last Fifteen Pounds

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Like you I’ve been thin all my life. Now that I’m approaching 30 I’m worried for when my metabolism crashes. Also, I loved every one of your outfits in these pictures.

  2. You look great girl!! I’m struggling with losing weight, I can say that the depo shot really contributed to my weight gain. The double chin, big belly, and rubbing thighs is something that I’m not used to. I used to be really skinny. I will follow your tips and see how my journey goes.

  3. You look amazing! I am trying to lose my last 10-15 lbs and I will definitely try some of your tips. I’m learning just how important nutrition is. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to know more information about the coach you used on IG! I just got real with myself about losing weight! I need to do something, like you said we all have a journey…keep going! You look beautiful!

  5. You look amazing!!! I recently lost 53lbs and have an about 8 lbs to lose, I’m finding that the stomach fat is the hardest part to lose. But I love bread, pasta etc.

  6. This is wonderful great progress! My advice is not to rush the process you will get their just stay consistent. We always want to rush life. I am so proud of you and your motivation

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