Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

I’m writing this to you, because I could’ve sworn you’d be here by now. Please be patient with me, although mine is wearing thin. These words are coming from a place of warmth, so forgive me if I ever seem cold. It’s just that I’ve begun to make plans with myself that I had put aside for us. And while I know good things come to those who wait my heart might not make it. See, in your absence it got bruised and I didn’t think I’d be this damaged when you got here, so I apologize.

I’m apologizing already. I have to. Because I know I will be emotionally unavailable at times just because I don’t want to overwhelm you with the strength my emotions can carry. These clowns had me twisted, so much so, that I became hard, but I promise my touch will always be soft.

My heart has been bruised and my mind and body paid the price. Excuse the scars that are left over. But healing took some time, and what remains are lessons from the past…Back when physical touch was the most impactful sense, and now I know it’s more than how I react to your fingertips but damn…

I can’t wait to kiss your lips…

And play in your hair

And listen to your jokes

And watch you while you’re raising our children

And to meet you

And to tell you
Dear Future Husband,

I’m not perfect. But I’m worth it. I lie when I’m afraid, your feelings will supersede the importance of my own and I’m defensive. I have a host of imperfections and I want to know yours, too. So I can love them. Because so many others have probably told you to change. Yea me too. But who would I be today? What would I be? How could I be? Where could YOU be?

Dear Future Husband,

I stopped looking for you this year I decided that I should treat you like everything else I love. I will wait and give myself the time to LOVE myself. To continue to develop into the wife you’re waiting for, because for you I prayed.
–Felecia Monique

Photography courtesy of: Darryl Barnes Photography

Outfit details: Coordinates- Forever 21

                          Shoes- Steve Madden

35 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband

  1. Be sure when you meet him that you show him this later down the road, he’ll most likely love it! I’m in the same boat as you right now…
    We must live the best way we know how and let nature take it’s course. I’m sure you’ll be good to him no matter how hurt and bruised the last man made you feel.
    Keep speaking from the heart and stay real!
    Love this!

  2. Don’t rush. True love will find you. I always say to prepare yourself and be ready for what you want. Be to yourself what you wish to find in a mate.

  3. That’s such a heartfelt letter for your future partner in life. I think we shouldn’t apologize for our imperfections though, it’s part of who we are and they chose to love us despite those imperfections.

  4. Don’t rush or worry you haven’t found him yet… God has a plan for you and it will happen in His time… You are a strong beautiful smart young lady and it will happen when it’s time 🙂

  5. This sentence is EVERYTHING “I stopped looking for you this year I decided that I should treat you like everything else I love. I will wait and give myself the time to LOVE myself. To continue to develop into the wife you’re waiting for because for you I prayed.” When I focused on myself it is when love found me!

  6. Good things come to wait…that’s what they say but it still doesn’t take away the eagerness we feel to meet “the one.” Trust ,me, I know.
    I love everything about this. Thanks for being honest and showing your vulnerability.

  7. Your outfit is super cute, I love to see yellow and brown skin. Your sunnies were a perfect match and a signature style. I need to write a letter to my future husband because I need to explain some things as well.

  8. I love letters written in the future. Its a great way to manifest, dont settle until you find a man worthy of doing these things for!

  9. I really love what you have said here. Praying to turn you into the wife that you want to be will bring along the right kind of husband that you want to find for sure. Wishing you the best.

  10. This was so honest and real. Shoutout to you for putting yourself out there. So many future relationships would go so much better if we’re honest with ourselves and our partners about these things.

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