Felecia Monique Styling

Felecia Monique Styling

Last month I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the launch party for Golden Event Management (GEM). The party was near my hometown in Maryland, where we indulged in blue crabs, an amazing smorgasbord of food, music and great people.

Myself and Bridget the Owner of Golden Event Management. Dress provided by Hautelooks Clothing.

So what was my role? What does a blogger bring to the table? I mean that literally! For GEM I am a content developer, social media specialist and a fashion stylist.


The month of September is the first official month of Felecia Monique Styling. Anyone who has styling needs can request my services. Whether it be a corporate event, party or photo shoot I am willing and able to assist.

Just take a look at the photos below of some of the examples of awesome clients:

Photo Courtesy of Darryl Barnes Photography 

Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Gibbs Freelance Photographer

Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Gibbs Freelance Photographer

Photo Courtesy of Darryl Barnes PhotographyPhoto Courtesy of: Kevin Gibbs Freelance Photographer

The process:

Being styled by Felecia Monique entails two things: over the top service and personalized styling process.

Step One: A face to face consultation. Prior to this meeting the client will complete a Styling Inquiry form which will begin streamlining the process.

Step Two: Pulls. The stylist pulls items for the client to evaluate and try on.

Step Three: Shopping. The stylist will venture out to purchase or lease items on behalf of the client.

Step Four: Fittings. The client and stylist will meet up to three times to try on and finalize the look(s).

If you or anyone you know would be interested in being a client of Felecia Monique Styling please e-mail: feleciamoniqueblog@gmail.com.

Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Gibbs Freelance Photographer

24 thoughts on “Felecia Monique Styling

  1. That’s great that you’ve started a styling business. Many, like myself sometimes, get stuck when it comes to Aylin’s

  2. Congratulations on starting your styling business! Like Ola has stated above, I know many people who, like myself, get stuck. I feel I have lost my sense of style (even though I am only 21).

  3. Congrats on launching your stylist business!
    How will you accommodate clients that may not live in the same area, and can’t make it to a face to face consult?
    Thanks for posting!

    1. For those that can’t consult face to face we can meet virtually. And depending on how far ahead the event is I’ll be willing to travel ?

  4. Congrats on your new role and being a stylist sounds like it is so much fun. I never knew there was a process to styling someone.

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