Why Women Support Blac Chyna

Why Women Support Blac Chyna

Imagine being engaged to your best friend, who was not only your fiancee but the father of your beautiful baby boy. Now imagine being associates with one of the local socialites. Maybe your not best friends with the chick, but you can grab a quick cocktail or hit the club with her. Hey, she’s flaky but that influx of follows after she posts you on her IG, is kinda fueling your ego. What would happen if your associates little sister stole your fiancee?


There’s going to be a large amount of people who say take the HIGH ROAD, or move on, or simply why waste the time to manipulate and play with another persons feelings?

This is not just in support of Blac Chyna. Let’s be real, if you support Kim Kardashian you support Chyna, Amber, and a plethora of other sexploitation socialites. Let me say it again: If you support Kim K you support Blac Chyna.

The only difference between the two of them is the socio-economic status they originated from. When a broke woman dates a man with money, she’s a gold digger. When a woman with money dates a man with money, she’s seeking security and balance. Bullshit. Most of us want security, and one term just sounds better than the other. Call it what you want…but I don’t want a broke/unstable man either, and whether he has money or not believe me that doesn’t change his character, values or life choices.


With that being said all parties involved in this love triangle (square or hexagon) have made questionable decisions and live a life that’s not like most of ours.

I support Blac Chyna because:

  1. The Kardashians had it coming. Sorry not sorry. I’m tired of those women being allowed to publicly objectify men, women and their families, and almost wreck their lives in the process. Lamar, Kim’s first two husbands, and the poor pregnant woman Khloe stole her boyfriend from are just a few examples. We constantly celebrate and glorify them but as soon as the mirror is placed in front of their faces, a reflection of themselves is revealed and the pain is deep. Sorry Rob, you are the sacrifice.           Rob-Kardashian-Blac-Chyna
  2. We don’t know the whole story. Who knows what really sparked this whole debacle? But what I will say is that the public only gets 20-30 percent of it, and who knows if that bit is even factual. The audience tends to feel empathetic for Good Ole Rob, but i’ll tell you that I’m sure more will be revealed on the next season of Rob and Chyna…which leads to numero tres.
  3. She’s in it for the coin! Have you been sleeping under a rock or is Rob and Chyna’s show not a part of Mama Kris’ empire? The Kardashian show has been receiving it’s lowest ratings in years, what else would keep the momentum going aside from more drama (or another staged robbery)? Stay tuned I’m sure this will be on the season premier.blacchyna
  4. She’s a DC native and her vibe has captured my soul. Yes, I’m a fan. Perhaps I’m biased. But as I watched her flash the carats Rob delivered to her that night on SnapChat, blasting Cardi B, I felt my heart flutter with admiration. What can I say, she’s come a long way. Do I agree with her method? Hell no, I could never take her path. But my respect for her isn’t about her route it’s about her destination, and I respect her grind because no matter what we think or say she worked to get to where she is. Regardless of how she got there. Not too many people make it from the DMV, there’s a lacking of support, and uplifting which stunts progression locally. So Kudos to you Chyna.


What do you guys think? Leave your comments below. Until next time 🙂



18 thoughts on “Why Women Support Blac Chyna

  1. I gotta be frank. I hate them all. Rob Kardashian deserves to go to jail for his revenge porn bullshit, Blac Chyna – to me – embodies the stereotype that us black women have been trying to shake forever, and the Kardashians are evil. Personally, I would love to wind up and bitch slap Kylie Jenner HARD.

    Loved reading this. I love the realness. LOL!

    1. I do hate that Chyna is so so so stereotypical. But wrong is wrong. And Rob gotta go.

  2. Ashamed to say I didn’t know who she was before your article, lol. I believe in women supporting women, period. You never know what a person has had to overcome to get where they are.

  3. I’m a Kardashian fan and I support Chyna. This whole situation (or what we know of it) has nothing to do with what name anyone has and more to do with how would someone feel if their mama, sister, daughter was treated the same. We all need to remember how we treat others will one day return to us.

    1. It’s so sad and true. The more people who will watch you the more paid you’ll be.

  4. Well, I am one of those Kardashian fans BUT I think that Blac Chyna played Rob like a fiddle and no, I don’t think that all of the Kardashian women do that but Stevie Wonder could have seen what was coming. She played on Rob being insecure about his weight, etc and he fell for it all…hook, line and sinker. Next time, I bet he will listen to his sisters but this time, he BOUGHT one hell of a lesson.

  5. In my opinion most of the Kardashians and Blac Chyna popularity is built on drama and this is just another example of that. For me personally I am more concerned with the child they have together & what affect might this “drama” have on their life once they’re old enough to understand the reality of the situation.

  6. I’m not a fan, or a hater of all parties. But I don’t know if I can every agree with the concept of ‘stealing’ someone’s man/woman. I don’t think you can steal something that has the ability to move on their own and make their own choices. We aren’t talking kidnapping – now that’s actually stealing. Besides that, it takes both parties. Ain’t nobody getting stole’ in these streets LOL

  7. I have not followed this drama at all. Personally, I am over all this reality celebrity BS. I wish her the best and him too.

  8. I can’t say either way because all of this has played on social media. We have to believe what they “post” and make a judgment? They are laughing all way to the bank..

  9. Don’t like the Kardashians, but I’m impartial to Chyna. I don’t think this whole thing should have been played out the way it was, especially with a baby involved. SM is how they make their coin though, so I guess. Rob is a whole no though, that revenge porn ish wasn’t okay at all.

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