I Quit

I Quit

Two and a half months ago I made an impulsive decision to quit my job. I’ve mentioned before I worked as an accountant and this was my highest paying job EVER. So what was it? Why Felecia, why did you quit that great job without anything to fall back on?

To be happy.

Yup. I cannot explain to you how hard it is to work 40+ hours a week, pay your bills, tuition for my kid etc. and still be broke and unfulfilled. Did I mention this was my highest paying job?

In this country we are programmed to: a. Graduate high school. b. Go to College. c. End up in debt. d. Work for someone else. I’ve done all but one of these things and this American ‘dream’ seems like a trumped up fantasy. 

So what was I thinking when I walked into my office typed up my letter of resignation and put my badges in my supervisors mailbox? The question should be what was I feeling? My heart was racing, adrenaline was pumping through my body…this was FINAL. If I don’t bounce back from this…what’s going to happen?

Well, here’s what I did in the last few months:

1. Dipped in my savings. Are you saving your coins? Money was a little tight but not enough that I didn’t always stash away for a rainy day.

2. Pursued my passion. I networked my ass off. Events, meetings, emails etc. I have many great things coming up for you guys! Fashion and writing has been in my life forever, only in my 28th year of life did I really chase these obsessions and turn it into a job. Just this week I was a part of a career panel for a fashion camp in Washington, DC. When you become a master of your craft others will notice.

My job prevented me from really focusing on my entrepreneurial spirit. 

3. I began working a part time job that aligned with my passion. It’s so much fun selling high end luxury bags and accessories. If you aren’t familiar with LXR yet…you will be!

4. Accepted the reality that I may just have to work to fund my dreams. With that being said I will be returning to work today! However, it’s in a field I love paying thousands more than I was making at the last company.

Ultimately my planned worked out. I am being recognized for my blogging abilities. I am financially stable. Lastly, I am happy.

Outfit details;

Shirt: Haute Looks Clothing

Shorts: Boohoo

Heels: Boohoo

27 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning of the post. I’m happy that you found a job that you really like at last. While people think “work” is a dirty word, it needs to be done :-). Good luck :-).

  2. I definitely agree with you about people being programmed with the typical – graduate high school, go to college, get a job. Which doesn’t work for everyone! I’m so happy that you made that decision for your happiness!

  3. Yes I’m in the same situation now. My current job is in the way of my passion and what I want to do. I’m constantly thinking when is the right time to quit and pursue my dreams. Your post gave me more hope. Thank You

    1. Don’t let anything hold you back!! Make quitting your new job and trust me it’ll all work out

  4. Awesome! Sometimes you have to step out on a limb to be happy and get what you want. Awesome post. Truly inspiring!

  5. It takes a lot of guts to make the moves that you did. The continued hard word is bound to pay off! There’s something completely unfulfilling about “the struggle” when it’s just a struggle for the purpose of maintaining. I’ve told myself I at least need to love the reason for the struggle.

  6. Yesssss!! First I love your outfit. Boohoo is one of. H favorite sites. Next I’m so happy for you. We search everyday trying to find what fulfills us and our purpose yet still fall short. I’m happy you were able to take that leap!!! Congrats and I’m excited to see more from you

  7. Good for you that you have found your passion and the courage to leave behind things that were in your way. I wish you much success in your new endeavors and look forward to reading all about them.

  8. Yes more of us millennials are being bold and quiting jobs that does not fuel our spirit!I had to do it and I am a freelancer and I havent looked back I wouldnt be on this travel abroad program in Bocas for 2 weeks if I had a regular job.

  9. Good to hear that you are happy and still pursuing your dream and funding it with your job. I think you can find happiness in working at a job or working for yourself as long as either way you are fueling your passion.

  10. Yay! Congrats to you! I am actually in the process of leaving my job now. I am only 21 but I’m already realizing that certain things aren’t for me. This just motivated me even more and I wish you the very best in your endeavors!
    Go sis!

  11. Your outfit is very nice. I like the top. It’s colorful and unique. I’m so happy to see you found a job. I wish you joy and success in this new position.

  12. Your outfit is adorable. So glad things are looking up for you. It must feel so amazing to walk in your purpose.

  13. This post is so timely. So many people are pushing folks to quit and go off on their own, so much pressure. But you are right – you have to work to fund your dreams.

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