Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fellow mommies! Today is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy primarily because I get to spend it with my immediate family, and we ALWAYS eat great food. I was lucky to be able to shoot with my son for this post, and realized it’s been years since he and I had photos taken.

I had a few shots blown up to put in a frame for my mom.


My favorite things about being a mom so far have been:

  • Watching him grow. Isn’t it crazy that something so small can begin inside your own body? Now he’s matured so much, it’s almost unbelievable. He keeps me hip, he’s smart, and he’s caring. I’d consider that a triple threat.

  • Milestones. His firsts are so exhilarating for me. His first hair cut, first steps, first words, to even now with his first football game, or band concert.
  • Seeing myself in him. It’s amazing how someone can not only look like you, but be similar to you in mannerisms or natural habits.

  • My own personal growth. If ever I am looking for inspiration or motivation, he’s there. I will never need a motivational quote again. He pushed me to pursue my own goals, he makes me want to do better than I ever have. Now I have an audience as I work, and I want to succeed so that he knows that mom is a hardworker.

What do you guys love about mothers day?

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My Entire Look is from Forever 21.

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  1. Mother’s Day always gives me the feels because it’s cute to see what things my children can come up with to honor me. My husband too! It’s nice to be loved, even if I get a cup full of dandelions and chives from the backyard!

  2. I know its a few days late but Happy Mothers Day. I love Mother’s Day because it gives me another day to appreciate my moms.

  3. How Fun!! I haven’t had a photo shoot with the kids ever – this is inspiring me! I need to do this asap . Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. It must feel good to raise a young man like your son. I’m actually dying for the day when I can bring my child into the world. It will be a blessing indeed.

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