Rant: DON’T Shop All Things Hair

As an up and coming blogger the biggest moment is when you are finally recognized by a brand. Big brand or small …the recognition is a feeling like no other. So, when I ‘won’ the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for an up and coming wig/hair company I was ecstatic. Unbeknownst to me, this company had a history and it was not positive.


I found a post while browsing Instagram, and the post informed the reader that if they were interested in being a brand ambassador to repost and follow their page. I did as such, and was contacted in January about the program. I was required to pay $35 for the shipping charges for each product, and throughout the year I would be receiving free wigs and hair products. Notice I said January…it’s May. I have not received a strand of hair or even a SAMPLE of the products. In fact, more than 80% of the ambassadors had not received their products, and the screen shot below shows the dates they submitted their fees.

Okay, so I did not receive anything. Not a big deal, right? It’s only $35, right? WRONG. While we were waiting, (we being myself and almost 100 other “ambassadors” in a groupme chat), we were berated and treated like misbehaved children if we inquired about the status of the wigs or orders. Not only were some of the ambassadors waiting for the wigs via the ambassador program, they’d ordered wigs from Kristen Dickerson (owner), and still had not received the product. Some, have been waiting since black Friday.

Now, I acknowledged this and was still patiently waiting. Who wouldn’t mind waiting a few more months for a free wig? But how could I wear or represent a brand that did not care to represent themselves properly? I began asking for a refund March 27th, and was avoided. I sent multiple messages to the CEO, Kristen, as well as her assistant, Carmen, who pointedly told us in the group to: “move to the left,” since I couldn’t wait. We were even told we would get wigs in the first two weeks of May since we “waited”. (see image below).

The last and final straw was upon requesting a refund for the final time, Kristen herself, told me after I threatened to go public with the un-savvy practices of the company:


Notice, the first message was sent on March 27th, not until May 10th did I get any response. Not only did she curse at me in her response, she failed to apologize, and spoke to me as if I was wrong. Isn’t this like the thief cursing out the police? Kristen…you are the ASS of the week.

It took two months, and a polite threat to get $35.00 back, I can only imagine the wait and the experience customers have had that pay over $300.00 for an item. This isn’t the only example of the service Kristen and All Things Hair provide, if you visit this BBB website, it details all of the open cases as well as pending cases against the company. As of the date of this blog there were 92 complaints filed. Also, a local news station in Memphis, TN, WREG, reported about her scam in 2015 via an article titled “BBB has issued a Consumer Alert for Memphis-based company, All Things Hair“.

If you, or anyone you know has purchased anything from this company, please contact me as I am trying to collect as much information as possible to prevent this from happening to another undeserving patron.


17 thoughts on “Rant: DON’T Shop All Things Hair

  1. This is the craziest hot mess I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve never seen a brand tell someone to Chill the f#%@ out.

    I’m glad you shared this to warn others of what they could get themselves into. This is truly ridiculous and unprofessional.

  2. This article is kinda disheartening and one of the reasons why some black people are hesitant to support black owned businesses. This is why I’ve always tried to have great customer service to people who support me.

  3. My mouth is still open in shock that this was your experience! Unbelievable. Don’t give up on Black Owned Businesses. When things like this happen, unfortunately our 1st reaction is this happened because it’s black owned as if black folks ran Enron into the ground. Scams are ran by people that come in different genders, races, ethnicities, cultures,and nationalities. Greater opportunities will come your way, just be sure to do your research before hand.

    1. I am still an avid supporter of black owned businesses…just disappointed that it happened

  4. I always want to support black but this reminds me of why people are hesitant to do so as sad as that sounds. The good/bad news is that these types of bad businesses aren’t exclusive to black businesses, bob’s just get a bad wrap. I guess it truly is buyer beware and a reminder to do your homework and be cautious before you spend your coins somewhere.

    1. It’s sad but I do get nervous…but this was my first bad experience. I have definitely learned my lesson.

  5. This is really unfortunate. Sorry that you had to go through this. I hope the brand makes som necessary changes to improve their customer service.

  6. OH My…I’m so sorry this has happened to you and I hope you all get your money back, sometimes I think like oh it wasn’t that much money but then I say wait its still my hard earned money and Im not in the business of just giving it away!!! I hope this doesn’t taint you on becoming a brand ambassador for another brand. Just be leery of things that have you pay money to be apart of it!

    1. Oh no! Not at all. I’m still motivated and excited to continue to pursue brand ambassador opportunities but this was just a bad experience. Thanks for the advice!!

  7. Wow! I’m really shocked that she treated you like that. Her reaction and practices are not good business. I hope you get your money back.

  8. My God this is horrifying, it sucks when you try to support small businesses and then they proceed to run business like they sell socks on the train. Naw scratch that the man that sell socks on the train on the redline has much more tact than this. I’m so glad you are telling your story and informing others. I really appreciate when people do this because it saves me the troube.

  9. Very unfortunate set of circumstances and disheartening. You to threaten the business to gain their full attention unbelievable.

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