5 Things That Are Ruining Relationships

5 Things That Are Ruining Relationships

Hiya all. Today I want to talk about 5 typical things that are going wrong in relationships. There are things that you do that annoy your significant other, and I’m sure he does things that tick you off too. This a compilation of both the little things that annoy you, and the bigger things that you ignore. These things can cause break ups, but once repaired can lead to long successful relationships.

  1. Social Media– I had to start off with the biggest issue of the millenium. I may have experienced ONE relationship before Myspace took off. Now with an influx of apps Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and the list goes on, some couples are disgruntled by just how much tea they should spill via the worldwide web. Are we tired of these couples showing extreme PDA or displaying their MCM every Monday (we see him girl!)? There are two issues with social media in relationships: 1. Agreeing to a level of exposure. Some people want to show off and take couple selfies all the time, while others are more private about intimate relationships. Your significant other may feel that you are trying to hide them, when it’s simply a preference. 2. DM’s/Comments. Yup. Do you tell your s/o about your DM’s? Or just delete them and keep it moving? Or what about the weirdo who keeps leaving heart eyes under your honey dips photo…what’s up with that? Should he delete it, or set her straight in a private message?
  2. Snooping– I am guilty of this. I have to check my boyfriend’s phone. Not all the time. Just when I get that feeling. (I know it’s weird.) In my own defense, it’s usually only once every few months. At one point I will shamefully admit, it was a daily thing. But am I wrong? Should you have your partner’s passcode? I’m not here to say one way or another, but to simply ask the questions that may have come up in your relationship previously. There are two perspectives to that. One being if you are in relationship with someone, you must trust them, so there is no point in checking their phones to confirm a figment of your imagination. On the other hand that figment of your imagination is also known as intuition, and I know mine has never failed. Which way should you go?
  3. Keeping up with the Joneses– Those couples that do EVERYTHING that’s popular, even if it’s outside of their means. I know a few couples who are victims of this. Buying houses and cars they can’t afford to create an image that doesn’t exist. Or to compete with people who view them as non-existent. Do not live beyond your means. It’s a waste of time, which also leads to the next point.
  4. Mismanaged finances– This is vital to a relationship that is leading to marriage. I always say who ever is more stable financially should take charge. Talk to your significant other about their credit, savings and investments. There should be milestones that you share jointly for your credit profiles and savings. Are you saving for a house or to help your husband through grad school? Is it more important to refinance the mortgage or to buy a new car? These things need to be discussed and handled the moment your money becomes joint.
  5. No Goals as a couple– what’s the point of dating in your mid to late 20’s or 30’s if it isn’t going anywhere. Is marriage the goal? If so, what is a good marriage? Define that with your partner so that it’ll flow along that base standard. These couple goals can coincide with your finances, as well as other goals: traveling, establishing a business, how many children do you want or simply where do you want to live?

Is there anything that you all have struggled with in a relationship that was a simple fix? Or maybe not so simple but you weren’t the only one going through it? These 5 are just the beginning, there are many other small fires that can be handled as soon as the smoke starts. Outfit details below:


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14 thoughts on “5 Things That Are Ruining Relationships

  1. You’ve touched on some really simple things here that really can be deal breakers. The one that really got me thinking is the idea of goals. My husband and I will be married for nearly 4 years and I don’t know if we’ve ever expressed specific goals for our marriage.

    1. Definitely a conversation that you guys should have! Make sure you’re always moving and focused on the next steps. Don’t let marriage be THE final step continue to seek more TOGETHER!

  2. It’s so funny that social media is first on your list. I’ve been married 16 years and social media wasn’t even an issue back then. Nowadays, I can see it putting a strain on relationships.

  3. I agree with your list. In today’s culture it seems we put unrealistic expectations on our relationships, because social media. I remember years ago I was in a relationships where my girlfriend at the time was always upset about other women commenting on my Facebook status. It lead to a lot of arguments that eventually played a part in us ending our relationship.

  4. I can definitely agree with you on all of these things. I am currently single after losing my husband but we had our ups and down and some of them were due to some of the things on your list.

  5. This is a good list, all very valid points. Social media and technology, in general, has really taken over. I would say in addition to the social media piece, it’s an issue if someone is always on their phone or giving more attention to the social media than their significant other. I don’t think snooping is ever a good thing. If you feel you need to have your significant other’s passcode or look in his/her phone when they’re not around, you probably shouldn’t be together lol!

  6. Communication is a tough one sometimes. We are very busy and juggle our schedules a lot. We have to make sure we stay connected and communicate with one another in a healthy manner.

  7. Social media can kill relationships for sure. I’ve seen it happen to many. You really have to have established rules for it in your relationship.

  8. I agree with what you said. Society today is doing too much on social media. They are putting their whole lives out there for the world to see. It’s ruining relationships every day.

  9. I definitely agree with this list. There are sooo many outside factors at play when it comes to managing relationships and communication is key! As far as the snooping on the phone goes, my recent ex had my thumb print as a code in his phone and I also had the password so I really had no reason or need to snoop which I’m grateful for!

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