The College Drop Out

The College Drop Out

What’s life like for a college drop out? This girl is not your regular drop out, I’m a repeat offender. We’re not all Kanye West who had the benefit of using his talent to score a coin. I’m just your average run of the mill student whose focus is on a forever changing graduation date and on that evil witch Sallie Mae (shout out to student loan debt!) Not only that, I am one of those who was awarded a job that I could turn into a career prior to obtaining a degree (accounting). But I’m not here to talk about where I am, I want to talk about a little bit of history and advice for people who feel lost or thrown off track for one reason or another.


I didn’t end up blogging by accident…no no no. My love began as a fashion merchandising major at the University of Delaware and within a semester I was back home and pregnant. (First drop out.) So, there I was with a baby, a retail job and a dream: LOST! Oh, but I delved deeper into the abyss. I tried a different fashion program at the Art Institute…FAIL! After a year I was dropping out again, this time for a full time job opportunity.

Now, I was a drop out twice over, debt up to my neck and further away from my dream. (Queue’s the tiniest violin.) BUT I’m not done yet. I tried online classes…eh not my forte, I’ve got to physically go to school. Then I went to medical tech school. Safe to say I was bored and just needed something to do at that point. Fast forward and I am here. It took a decade to go full circle and actually get back to my passion.


My tips for what to do when you’re lost or have the misfortune of being pulled away from your goals are simple. Hopefully they can help you to begin the daunting task of putting your life in order. Here’s what you should do:

  1. NOTHING. Standstill for a sec, breathe, clear your mind. If I had taken some time to sit still instead of hopping from one thing to the next hoping to find gold but ultimately it would’ve found me. Don’t forget about the calm before the storm.
  2. Make a map. Yes a map. Start where you are now and where you want to go should be at the end. Research what steps you need to take to get to that destination and create your own route. Don’t be afraid at any point to redo your map.
  3. Ask for help. At times the people closest to you may be able to assist you. Most people are afraid to ask for help simply because we want to appear to be self sufficient and independent. I am not embarrassed to say I’ve needed assistance from my peers or my family members. Imagine being helpless…when you don’t have to be. Put your pride to the side and get help while it’s available.
  4. When an opportunity arises, refer to the map. This is the one mistake I feel like I always made. I had goals but never checked to see if the jobs I was taking were in line with those goals, or to even see if it was worth stepping back from my goals for a moment. There will be times when you have to say no to an opportunity, and just stick to the grind and the struggle.

Have any of you guys had to start over? And over? And over? How have you prevailed or overcome those shortcomings? Leave your opinion in the comments below and feel free to share them via e-mail:

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24 thoughts on “The College Drop Out

  1. Great post! It is always a good idea to just stop be still and refocuses when things don’t go as planned. I left college, got married, had a son, joined the military, got divorced, went back to college, now I have my Graduate degree working on a 2nd. Took a lot of refocusing but it’s all been worth it. Thanks for sharing ♥ Love the outfit too 🙂

  2. College isn’t for everyone. I know many of people who have dropped out of college to pursue other dreams and have successful lives. The point is to do what works for you and starting over is okay.

  3. This article resonated with me so much. I remember when I first started college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I just went because I felt as if I had to or I wouldn’t be successful. After 3 years of going I figured out I had no passion for major I was majoring in and no clue what I wanted to do with my life. The tips you’ve shared can help anyone going through this process.

  4. I started over in a different type of way, at age 16 I fell in love. At age 18 I got married. At age 22 I walked away. After spending 7 years in a relationship I walked away for a better life and for my sanity. I didn’t know where I was headed but I found a home in my new life. 15 years later, that was the best decision I’ve ever made. Cheers to new beginnings, sometimes its all about perspective.

  5. I dropped out because I got pregnant at 19. I went back to school, 20 years later. Life is fluid. Go with the flow.

  6. Great Post and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and its creating your story! I have had to refocus a number of times, and I feel like when I have to start over it usually comes out better than my original plans. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love your post! This is something important that some other missed in their lives. A map to your goal and focus to whatever you want are the keys. Thanks!

  8. Number 4 is a great point! Sometimes we get so amped about an opportunity and it doesn’t even line up with what we are on the course to do. We can’t get distracted so easily if we go back to the map and evaluate the situation.

  9. I know my life definitely has not been what I envisioned at 18 as a college freshman. Sometimes I let it bother me but I am learning to love my life as it as and embrace current goals and desires. I am in the process of starting over right now so I encourage you not to give up.

  10. I honestly do not think college is for everyone. I think they force 18 year olds to make a huge decision before they can really comprehend what they want to do in life. This is what causes drops out because many are forced and then get overwhelmed but i think America needs to do a better job easing high school students into dulthood.

  11. This year my word is focus. I think a lot of people need to take time to find their real interests so they feel compelled to learn all they can in order to make their goals a reality. I hope that as you take steps towards your goals you will believe in yourself that you can do. Don’t worry about the debt because one day a great career will come and then your education will truly pay for itself. I wish the best on your journey!

  12. Beautiful post. Im came to blogging as a way of recovering from grief.
    #1 on the list of stand still is something I wish I would have done earlier. Lost of sound advice.
    I wish for you to live a life in line with your passions.

  13. Beautiful post. Im came to blogging as a way of recovering from grief.
    #1 on the list of stand still is something I wish I would have done earlier. Lots of sound advice.
    I wish for you to live a life in line with your passions.

  14. No, I luckily didn’t have to drop out. I had a plan and just kept on going with blinders on. I love your number one point the most. Nothing! Breathe.. 🙂

  15. I’m raising my kids to know that they do not have to go to college if it is not really for them. Sometimes dropping out is the best thing that happens to a person. We need to support and follow our dreams.

  16. Great post. Everything happens for a reason. College is not for everyone but it is good that you are doing what you are passionate about that is what matters.

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