Style Tips: How to Wear Sneakers & Be Stylish

Style Tips: How to Wear Sneakers & Be Stylish

As a petite girl (under 5 feet), I am expected to wear heels almost EVERYWHERE I go…But let’s be real…that’s not comfortable. I’m all about being chic and trendy but honey heels are not my best friend. There are days I want to throw on my Ugg’s and keep on stepping. In the last few years, however, I’ve decided to look into (drum roll please) SNEAKERS!!

I would like to thank Rihanna (yes I’m a member of the her crazy navy) and Puma for creating a shoe for us classy gals. Although I do love Michael Jordan, I personally can’t pull it off in the manner I’d like to. Here are three tips for being stylish in sneakers:

  1. You don’t always have to wear jeans. I chose a pair of leather pants with this look just to spice it up a bit. A nice pair of leggings or cropped pants can always set a look off.


2. Don’t be afraid to dress it up. One of my favorite items that can bring a look together is a nice jacket. I love faux fur, but a wool, leather or bomber jacket would be a nice compliment as well.


3. Remember, sneakers can be worn this dresses and skirts too. Now, this has to be done properly and effortlessly. My favorite look is a t-shirt dress, or a casual midi dress.


Outfit Details:

Faux Fur Jacket: Forever 21

Cropped Tank Top: ASOS

Leather Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Rihanna for Puma from Neiman Marcus

How do you feel about sneakers? I hope you enjoyed the post! Be sure to comment below!

–Felecia Monique

18 thoughts on “Style Tips: How to Wear Sneakers & Be Stylish

  1. My oldest daughter prefers sneakers over any other shoe. I don’t much about fashion but I love a low sneaker with most anything!!

  2. I’ve had to wear sneakers a lot after my car accident. I don’t feel they are as sexy as heels, but I’m not afraid to rock out with my kicks on. It’s all about personal confidence.

  3. I’m about the mom in sneakers life. My heels are almost completely retired. I see some cute sneakers I need to grab.

  4. 3 snaps to the left!! This post is informative and on point! I just need more sneakers to incorporate in my wardrobe, lol.

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