The Top 5 Places to Shop for Petite Clothing

The Top 5 Places to Shop for Petite Clothing

Hey ladies (and gents). I have to start this post off with a slight rant. Being petite and shopping is hard, but what’s even harder is being UNDER five feet and finding the right fit. I consistently have the issue of trying on petite or short pants that still require alterations, jackets with sleeves that are too long, or midi dresses that become maxi dresses. I had to finally accept the fact that (here it comes): I’m really freaking short. *Queue dramatic music*


As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned more about my body and what fits me in terms of length, curves and cut. So while I might want a good bargain, I have to accept that H&M isn’t made for me. Below I’ve listed 5 affordable retailers that have a petite section that is worth taking a look at.Outfit Details:

  1. Top: Boohoo
  2. Pants: Boohoo
  3. Purse: Gucci
  4. Sunglasses: Forever 21


Top Petite Retailers

  1. Express

There was a point in time when I avoided Express. I thought it was a trumped up Forever 21. Lies! I love it. I especially love getting jeans and pants from there. The material has enough stretch in it to allow room for my curves, and they have ‘short’ sizes that I can work with. In terms of price, they seem to always have a good sale so expect to spend $40-$100 per item.

2. Boohoo

I don’t care what NOBODY says. I love L-O-V-E. They have a vast petite section, that typically has similar items to the regular section. I hate when the petite section is super small, or offers items that aren’t worth looking at. No problems here. Now…I will say that because the items are shipped from the UK, it takes 1-2 weeks for them to arrive to me here in the DC area. At times it can be longer. The quality is typically average. I did order a choker once that broke before I had the chance to wear it. But hey, you get what you pay for, and this site is CHEAP. If anything is over 60 bucks there then it’s a mistake. No but really, it’s typically a coat or a pair of shoes. (Did I mention I have extremely small feet too, size 5 to be exact, and they even carry that size!!!)


If you haven’t heard of ASOS, you’ve probably been living under a rock. ASOS is a site that combines multiple online retailers together in one place. So of all of the sites I’ve mentioned, ASOS has the largest selection, as well as various price points. I can’t think of one bad thing to say about them. Shipping time is always correct, and they offer small shoe sizes too. There’s over 800 petite styles to choose from right now.

4. TopShop

I love TopShop because it has classic pieces with a flare. Skinny jeans with tassels, maxi dresses and metallic pleated skirts all in PETITE sizes. It’s definitely NOT the price point of boohoo, but you may be able to put together an outfit for $200.00-$300.00. (Definition of outfit: clothing, shoes, and accessories.) I’m all about saving my coins and slaying on a budget. As for the shoe section, they do offer smaller sizes, however, I’ve yet to order any shoes from them.

5. Missguided

One of my favorite places to shop. I’m addicted to the sales they offer, but the clothes are SO CUTE. And they fit me well. (Sometimes I do order the regular sizes and get them altered.) There are lots of dresses and jackets here for us shorter armed folk. The shipping doesn’t take long, and the quality is actually decent. I did order a pair of shoes in a size 5, turns out it was a 6 and kept flopping off of my foot. It’s safe to say, I stick to the clothing.

I hope this helps some of you petite gals! You do not have to blow all of your money on alterations. It is tough, but there are more stores creating petite lines to cater to us.



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18 thoughts on “The Top 5 Places to Shop for Petite Clothing

  1. First off you are beautiful and I can tell you have a great sense of style. All the places you’ve listed all seem like viable options to shop.

  2. I love your outfit! I think I’m petite but I don’t like wearing petite clothes…especially pants. But I may check out these stores and see what they have to offer and MAYBE embrace my petiteness lol!

  3. Everyone has their own unique and individual sense of style so sometimes you really have to shop around whether it be online or on the streets for what you desire to portray or look like fashion wise. I go for classy and chic.

  4. I didnt know you were under 5ft you dont look it! My friend is like 5’2 and now I see why she likes ASOS…they do have a big petite section!

  5. I love ASOS…they literally have something for everyone and being that we all come in differenr shapes and sizes its rare to find this in one store.

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