Nastygal Romper

Nastygal Romper

Happy New Year!

Hi you guys! I would like to welcome you to my newborn vision. I am hoping and praying that it is all that I have planned it to be. My story is a crazy rollercoaster ride, just a young black girl who had a love for dolls and fashion. That same girl became a mother and a college freshman drop out, to now an accountant and fashion blogger.


These photos were from my FIRST shoot ever. I was extremely intimidated and overwhelmed by my own expectations. But I just knew, this was what I had been planning to do, so I had to go full force.

Outfit Details Listed below:

Romper: NastyGal $88.00

Booties: Lolashoetique $42.99

Bag: Louis Vuitton $1210.00

What I love most about being almost 30 (eeeek…it’s so close) is that I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I love my stretch marks, being 4’11, my cellulite, my scars, my bruises, I love it all. There was a time in my life where I was afraid of being Felecia…but now honey…who the hell else can I be? I am so pro-self-love, I am so in love with who I am and who I am becoming. But it’s a journey and I’m glad to invite you all to walk this path with me. That’s what is about. Welcome.


30 thoughts on “Nastygal Romper

  1. That romper is gorgeous! I’d love to pull one off but my uper thighs are not trying to be out here like that. Your energy is radiating through the screen. Go ‘head girl.

  2. This romper is way too cute. I have yet to purchase a romper but this one is changing my mind.

  3. Love it! Your first photo shoot is fabulous. Keep looking up and showing your lovely face in your pics and you’ll be fabulous. The romper is super cute and when you get done with that LV bag you can send it over this way. lol

  4. This is a new take on a romper that is elegant. I like that Nastygal has made shorts into something so chic.

  5. The romper is cute. I’m definitely a fan of rompers but I’m tall so I have to be able to try them on when I purchase but I own quite a few.

  6. I love a good romper. This style is so cute and can easily work in a variety of social settings. I definitely love the color.

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