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Stop Sexual Harassment 

I've been sexually harassed, and I don't know one woman who hasn't been. After a brief conversation with a close male friend, he didn't even realize that certain behaviors can be deemed as crossing the line. So why is it that 'no means yes?' Or 'no means I do want…

Fab Five for Fall 2017

Fall is upon us...it's my favorite season: 1. Because I love comfy cuddling weather and 2. My birthday is in the fall (sweet November!!) 3. The fashion. Boots, booties and stunning sweaters! So what's going on with the fashion world for fall 2017? Let's start with colors. Ballet Slipper Pink…

Would you marry yourself

Salary and Benefits. Own place.  Own car.  God Fearing.  Smart.  Driven.  No kids.  Handsome, but not overly attractive.  Aggressive, but not intimidating. That's it. Well that's the beginning of it. What's it, you ask? My list, honey. It breaks down the minimum qualifications for 'the one.' It's like applying for…
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